1001 Outstanding International Picturebooks in Moscow
4-8 September 2019

Curators: Grazia Gotti and Silvana Sola

Organized by
MIBF Moscow Internationsl Book Fair MIBF
in collaboration with
BCBF Bologna Children's Book Fair
Coopertiva Giannino Stoppani
Accademia Drosselmeier

Exhibition that presents the best of children's picturebooks around the globe, curated by Grazia Gotti, one of the world's experts on children's books, creator of numerous programs and exhibitions at the Bologna Children's Book Fair, member of the IBBY Council, founder of booksellers' Accademia Drosselmeier and a wonderful bookstore Stoppani on the main square of Bologna.

Outstanding is a really fitting adjective for the 1001 books that make up this collection. One might say "separated" from the rest reflected in the quality of the selected titles, from average production these books experiment, find new solutions, review and renew the traditions of children's storytelling. The twelve sections of the exhibition invites you to look with an open mind, without forgetting where all this work comes from.
Books for toddlers and poetry, alphabet and picturebooks, classics and silent books, knowledge books and comics, books on art, architecture, music, theatre, feminism present the diversity of worldwide contemporary book publishing.
16 titles of the exhibition were created in Russia.
Events dedicated to the Exhibition
Grazia Gotti will hold an introductory lecture (4 September 2019, 13.00) and two curator's excursions to the exhibition (4 and 6 September 2019, 17.00)

How does Local Go Global

Publishers discuss the contents of the exhibition «Drawn Worlds: 1001 Outstanding International Picturebooks»

6 September 2019. 11.00

Russian and international publishers will gather for a panel discussion of the exhibition's contents and the questions that it raises: which books are able to reach out quickly to a global recognition and welcoming? How does local content go global and vice versa? Isn't it the right time for an open-minded publishing industry able to make ideas travel the world and ready to talk about differences and diversities?

Grazia Gotti (Accademia Drosselmeier and Cooperativa Giannino Stoppani, Italy)

Irina Balakhonova (Samokat, Russia)
Claudia Bedrick (Enchanted Lion, USA)
Ekaterina Kashirskaya (Walk Through History, Russia)
Mikail Kotomin (Ad Marginem A+A, Russia)

How to sell outstanding books?
From Tradition to the Future: it's all about outstanding books
Round table
5 September 2019. 14.00

Following the boom in publishing, book retail in Russia is also getting to a new level of richness and diversity. Big retail chains, the upcoming independent booksellers and publisher's stores will gather for a round table to face the new frontiers and challenges of their business.

Grazia Gotti, Cooperativa Stoppani and Accademia Drosselmeier, Italy

Marina Kameneva, Moscow Books, Russia
Sergei Karpov, Marshak Bookstore, Russia
Maria Orlova, Samokat Bookstore, Russia
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