How and why wordless picture books play a key role in reading culture, visual education, language development and children's empowerment
International conference

5 September 2019

Organized by
MIBF Moscow Internationsl Book Fair MIBF
in collaboration with
BCBF Bologna Children's Book Fair

Wordless books (also known as silent books) around the world are increasing in quantity and quality, it is a dynamic and promising genre of visual literature that reaches out to a wide audience. Language boundaries don't exist for this kind of books, they easily cross borders and often happen to become crossover best sellers. This international conference is aimed at increasing knowledge about the silent book, showing the opportunities it offers and helping publishers to get to a new approach and eventually to new productions.

Grazia Gotti (Accademia Drosselmeier and Cooperativa Giannino Stoppani, Italy)

Anastasia Arkhipova, illustrator and professor, Russia,
Claudia Bedrick, publisher Enchanted Lion, USA
Debbie Bibo, Debbie Bibo Agency, USA/Italy
Suzanne Carnell, publisher, Too Hoots Macmillan, UK
Anna Castagnoli, illustrator, Italy/Spain
Katsumi Komagata, illustrator, Japan
André Letria, illustrator and publisher, Pato Logico, Portugal,
Robyn Newton, Bright Agency, UK
Anastasia Suvorova, illustrator and winner of Silent Book Contest 2018, Russia
Patrizia Zerbi, publisher Carthusia, organizer of the Silent Book Contest, Italy

Other events

The Power of Visual Education
Workshop for editors, librarians and teachers

5 September 2019

Grazia Gotti, Cooperativa Stoppani and Accademia Drosselmeier, Italy

Despite it's been a long time that publisher's catalogues include wonderful wordless books, some of them real global bestsellers, in some countries there is still a strong resistance in accepting and welcoming this kind of literature. The so-called visual education, the awareness of its role in reading and language development is a real cultural need. Why are these books still considered hard and difficult? The workshops will try to answer this question and propose a new perspective.
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